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Therapies that are Being Used in Drug Rehab Centers

Posted: January 21, 2015 by in Recovery Rehab Addiction

Therapies that are Being Used in Drug Rehab Centers

It is quite intimidating when you’re entering an addiction treatment center. When you or your loved one is ready to seek help, you still don’t know exactly what types of services or programs await you. There are many therapies being offered in recovery rehab.

Before entering treatment, you should do your research first. In treatment facilities, there is a wide-range of therapies and treatments that can help individuals reach their goal; yet, there are a number of services that are common with many other centers.

Here are the common therapies that many treatment center offers:

Individual or one-on-one counseling

This is therapy is traditional, it is an important part of substance-abuse-addiction treatment because it helps an individual identify what causes him/her to use drugs. By identifying that, the individual will better understand the underlying causes behind his or her substance abuse.

Talking to a therapist, counselors, or psychiatrists gives individuals the opportunity to see or look back at their old habits and determine what exactly the reasons for starting drugs were.


When an individual enters recovery rehab, withdrawal from certain substances can be severe. Even though the symptoms may not be dangerous to one’s health, it still makes the individual feel uncomfortable and in pain. In these situations, a supervised detox program can helpful. Medication is a part of the detox treatment process. It is helpful as it reduces withdrawal symptoms.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy known as (CBT) is a process which focuses on changing the thought processes behind our habits, in order for substance abuse to be less tempting. In this therapy, you will learn how to identify the factors which lead you to use drugs or alcohol. By knowing what these weaknesses are, it is then possible to trace the thought pattern that follows the substance abuse cycle. CBT changes how an individual thinks, so that it will be possible to replace substance abuse behavior into other healthier alternatives.

Support Group

Upon entering treatment, there will be support groups that you can attend such as: group therapies, family therapies, and aftercare programs. These all can help you develop a strong support system that encourages you to maintain long-term sobriety. Support groups are useful because they can help a person cope with their own feelings by connecting with the experience of others, who have the same experience or have experienced substance abuse.

Holistic Treatments

Holistic treatments include exercise programs, nutritional therapy, massage therapy, meditation, and similar alternative solutions dealing with pain, stress, and other risk factors.In treating substance abuse, these therapies are important because they help identify the causes, behaviors, and situations that contribute to substance abuse. It also helps individuals develop a coping mechanism to stay sober when they are no longer in rehab.

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