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Enjoy These Fun and Healthy Ways While Recovering from Substance Addiction

Posted: August 3, 2015 by in Recovery Rehab Addiction

Having fun in recovery

Everyone knows that working to addiction recovery, whether to drugs or alcohol, is challenging. But having a positive attitude and an open mind can make your recovery and all the hard work surprisingly fun.

Here are some of the things you can do to make your recovery fun:

Find Healthier Alternatives for Thrill Seeking

Most addicts become addicted to drugs or alcohol because of the rush of excitement they get from the substances themselves. However, upon entering rehab where they suddenly can’t use, they start to miss that high. This is why some addiction rehab centers in Arizona are trying to teach addicts to find alternative ways to get a thrill. In addiction rehab things like sports and other outdoor activities can provide a natural, sober thrill. Recovering addicts can also go kayaking, surfing, or skiing to find excitement in a healthier way.

Start a New Hobby

Most everyone has one particular activity they really enjoy. This could include painting, playing musical instruments, and even cooking. Recovery in rehab tries to make you focus on finding your true self again, so it’s a great time to focus on personal growth as well. People continue to grow, progress, and find new interests as time goes on. No matter what age a patient is, it’s never too late for them to redefine their lifestyle and find new hobbies to enjoy.

Take Classes or Workshops

Taking classes or workshops can be a great way to have fun in recovery. You can learn something new about building a new business, technology, and even writing. Basically, any interest that the addict had before their addiction took over can become a motivating force in their life once more.


Just the act of being in the water has proven to be a therapeutic and enjoyable experience. The feeling of weightlessness and the refreshing effect gives the body an enjoyable recreational experience. Swimming is an easy activity because you can do it at the local pool or local beach. It’s a cheap activity that can be done daily.

Plan Activities with Friends and Family

Addicts tend to isolate themselves from their family and friends leaving them feeling lonely, which will only cause them to use more. So during recovery, try to make an effort to engage in exciting activities with the people you love. This could include going out to dinner, attending plays and concert, or maybe going to the movies. Spending time with your family will encourage the family bonds everyone needs.

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