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Did you know that alcoholism is a chronic disease? Well, it is and develops gradually over time.  If left untreated, you may suffer tremendously. Luckily, there are several treatment programs centers for alcoholics to overcome their alcoholism. While some minor details differ from program to program, treatment programs centers and alcohol detox programs share certain […]


Taking drugs can harm relationships in many ways. When individual are addicted to alcohol and drugs, they often behave in a disorderly manner, doing and saying hurtful things that they would not even consider if they were sober. Devastating, horrible and very emotional were the words most frequently used by the family members to show […]

Having fun in recovery

Everyone knows that working to addiction recovery, whether to drugs or alcohol, is challenging. But having a positive attitude and an open mind can make your recovery and all the hard work surprisingly fun. Here are some of the things you can do to make your recovery fun: Find Healthier Alternatives for Thrill Seeking Most […]

The Consequences of Teen Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse affects each and every one of us, including family, friends and the community. Alcohol abuse can lead to several serious problems such poor performance in school or work, loss of friends, and problems at home.

Therapies that are Being Used in Drug Rehab Centers

It is quite intimidating when you’re entering an addiction treatment center. When you or your loved one is ready to seek help, you still don’t know exactly what types of services or programs await you. There are many therapies being offered in recovery rehab. Before entering treatment, you should do your research first. In treatment […]

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